What is Inbound Marketing? 5 Strategies For Successful Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the most effective way to attract customers and business leads. For hundreds of years, marketers have collected leads through cold calls, door-to-door selling, print media and radio. Entrepreneurs tried to force their message through telemarketing and cold calling in the hope to pick someone interested.

Inbound marketing has changed this concept forever. You cannot force your customer to buy anything!

Customers do not trust advertisement. They perceive advertisements as a way for marketers to collect their money.

If you plan to succeed in the digital era, you must understand the concept of inbound marketing. Just search the internet and you’ll see:

“Inbound marketing is an effective way to attract people to your business and turn them into customers.”

Inbound marketing is a step-by-step approach to educating your customers. You use information marketing to develop a personal brand.

Inbound Marketing in the Digital Era

Digital marketing has given birth to inbound marketing. Internet marketing makes it possible to reach the specified audience.

que es inbound marketing Let’s just say, you are selling a piece of software that will help people living in Ontario. You can run a PPC Ad campaign. Select the specified location, interest, age, and gender. The PPC Ads will be shown to your target audience. We all know that these advertisements work better than traditional selling methods.

Four Stages of Effective Inbound Marketing

Attract Customers

Attraction is the first rule of our business. In this stage, we use marketing strategies to broadcast our message. All sorts of advertisement come into this category. Blogging, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization techniques are used at this stage.

Get Leads

The search engine can send traffic. It is your job to convert visitors into customers. Collect their email addresses. Address their issues at a more deep level. Solve their problems and create a relationship.

Get Customers

In this step you need to differentiate customers from readers. Thousands of people will read your content, but only a small percentage will make a purchase. We need to focus on this “small percentage”. Do not worry about the rest. Build your brand. Eventually, these people will buy from you.


Business analysis is an ongoing process. This 4-step process has a long life cycle. You have turned leads into customers. It is time to analyze the future. Continue to delight your customers with helpful content, resources, and tools.

5 Strategies for Effective Inbound Marketing

According to Hubspot marketing team, 54% more leads are generated through inbound marketing compared to outbound marketing. Let’s learn about the best strategies for effective inbound marketing:

Search Engine Optimization

Organic search is the most qualified source for getting targeted leads. It is the only way to let customers come to your website. Think of SEO and you’ll see a picture of keywords, links, meta tags, code and web structure. SEO can get very complicated.

Try to analyze it in a simple manner. Search Engine will reward your website if you offer a user-friendly experience. According to MOZ, Search Engine Optimization is simply a website structure to help search engines find your website.

A solid SEO plan is a critical inbound marketing strategy. You cannot succeed if people cannot find you. Do it the right way and you’ll reap benefits for the years to come.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

It requires time to achieve search engine rankings. You can use PPC Ads to boost SEO rankings and get customers. PPC Ads send highly targeted traffic. People know they are going to see an offer. Give them an offer that they can’t refuse. Collect leads. Turn visitors into customers.

Free Giveaway

People love freebies. Successful inbound marketers use valuable freebies. Anyone can send you a free e-book, but how about software that cost $1,000? Can you give it away as a freebie?

Can you send a niche specific report that can bring $2,000? Free giveaways can attract thousands of leads. Take the example of QuickSprout, HubSpot, and Lifehacker. These websites offer tons of valuable information.

Tip: Create a niche specific content guide or tool and give it away as a freebie. If your freebie is valuable, you’ll attract thousands of potential customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the foundation of inbound marketing. Social media, referrals, links, and all sorts of advertisements depend on your “content”. Successful websites have epic content. Use these tips to improve your content marketing:

Create a blog. More than 46% people read a blog every day. Publish content regularly and invite search engines to visit your website daily.
Use visual marketing. The text is good for SEO purposes, but you need multiple content forms to engage users. Infographics, presentations, images, pictures and downloadable content are few examples of visual marketing.
Use case studies and research to build credibility. Create a content calendar and stick with it.
Social Media Marketing

Social media is another form of relationship marketing. People use social media to connect with friends. You’ll see that social media is categorized into communities, forums, circles, and channels. Each channel/circle is about a specific topic.

Find these channels. Build a relationship with your audience and leverage it for your business operations. This process takes time, but investment in the right channel will yield great profits.

Today’s marketing world is different. The customer is king. The Internet has only added more power to them. Inbound marketing makes it easier to attract leads that grow your business.

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